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Infrared IR Testing

Infrared and thermal testing is one of many Nondestructive testing techniques designated by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).[1] Infrared Thermography is the science of measuring and mapping surface temperatures. "Infrared thermography, a nondestructive, remote sensing technique, has proved to be an effective, convenient, and economical method of testing concrete. It can detect internal voids, delaminations, and cracks in concrete structures such as bridge decks, highway pavements, garage floors, parking lot pavements, and building walls. As a testing technique, some of its most important qualities are that:

1). It is accurate.

2). It is repeatable.

3). It need not inconvenience the public and

4). It is economical

An infrared thermographic scanning system measures surface temperatures only. But the surface temperatures that are measured on the surface of the ground, above a buried pipeline, are, to a great extent, dependent upon the subsurface conditions.